Bob the Pillow is a highly anticipated and newly designed leg pillow that will provide comfort and support during the night.

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Why we created Bob

Bob was developed and designed in an effort to create a more versatile leg pillow than anything on the market. Extensive research couldn't find a leg pillow to help with hip, knee, and back pain while also providing comfort and promoting your body to stay in the proper side sleep postion. Everything on the market either required a fixed leg position, straps, had a lack of air movement, and/or provided inconsistent support for the full leg. With this, Bob the Pillow was designed and developed to give you a better night’s sleep.

  • A 'nook' that allows your legs to rest securely in place.

  • Full range of motion for your legs. Allowing your legs to rotate freely and independently while staying secure in an elevated plane.

  • A center portal for optimum airflow.

  • Patent pending design to be anti-flip. Once in place, Bob the Pillow won't
    easily flip over during the night. This feature promotes proper side sleeping position throughout the night.

  • Bob the Pillow can be used in any way you find comfortable, so you can get a better night's sleep.